Friday Update

Good morning and T.G.I.F. Well, we are on the doorstep of another weekend and if you have looked at the calendar, the last weekend in January. Joey and I certainly enjoy the time we spend with you, but it does seem to fly by quickly. Checking the weather maps today there are no developing storms that should concern us heading into the weekend. A lot of you will be going out on this Friday night so keep an eye to the sky and take an umbrella if you have any concerns. Looking forward to February, Joey and I should be traveling to Curacao to cover carnival for Carnival Week on One Caribbean Television Feb 5-9th from 8-10pm nightly. We always enjoy going to Curacao, we have been there many times and have a lot of friends there. Well, that’s all for now, have yourself a great weekend and keep checking back with us. Don’t forget for all your weather needs, watch One Caribbean Television over the weekend and if you are not currently receiving the station call your local cable provider and ask them if they might add it to your lineup.

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