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Friday Update

September 9, 2016

Good morning everyone, hope your Friday is going well. Joey and I are finishing up our packing for our trip to Barbados next week and then some well deserved personal time. We will be covering the Caribbean Tourism Organization annual meeting and will send back some reports for One Caribbean Television. Checking the weather maps this morning there are two areas that we are watching as we head into the weekend. First of all there is a weak disturbance with an area of disorganized clouds and showers about 200 miles east-northeast of the northern Leeward Islands. This system will move west-northwest at about 15-20 mph over the next couple of days. We don’t look for much development with this system but will continue to watch it. We are also watching closely a Tropical Wave with a large area of disorganized weather about 800 miles west-southwest of the Cabo Verde Islands, this system could develop into a Tropical Depression over the next several days. Don’t forget that you can get complete details over the weekend and anytime on One Caribbean Television. If you are not currently receiving the station, call your local cable provider and ask them if they would add it to your lineup. Have a great weekend everyone, Joey and I will see you when we return.

Thursday Thoughts

September 8, 2016

Good morning everyone, hope your Thursday is off to a good start. Just a few thoughts from our trip to Brooklyn for the West Indian American Day Carnival. We had a great time and am always impressed with the organization of the event itself. Obviously there are many people in the New York area with roots in the Caribbean and they are quite proud of their heritage and it shows. Joey and I had a wonderful time and feel bad that again this year there were some problems with the overnight celebration. It only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. I truly believe that those individuals looking to cause trouble are not there to celebrate and probably could care less about the Caribbean and their wonderful heritage. With that said, Joey and I look forward with great anticipation to returning next year to celebrate the 50th year of Carnival in Brooklyn. Checking the weather maps this morning, there are two areas we are watching. There is a broad area of low pressure causing showers and thunderstorms about 350 miles east of the Leeward islands. This system will be slow to develop as it moves W-NW. We are also watching a Tropical Wave with a large disorganized area of disturbance about 500 miles southwest of the Cabo Verde islands. This could become a Tropical Depression early next week as it moves W-NE into the Central Atlantic. Well, that’s all for now, don’t forget Joey and I will be headed to Barbados next week for the Caribbean Tourism Organization meeting. Have a great day everyone.

Wednesday Update

September 7, 2016

Good morning everyone, Joey and I are back for a short while, we will be headed to Barbados next week for the big Caribbean Tourism Organization meeting. Last week we were in Brooklyn New York for the 49th annual West Indian American Day Carnival. As usual there were millions of people from New York with ties to the Caribbean celebrating. It was a great time and we want to thank all the folks who work hard to bring that event to the streets of Brooklyn. Checking the weather maps this morning, we are watching a Tropical Wave near the Cabo Verde Islands off the coast of Africa in the Atlantic. This storm has a large disorganized area of showers and thunderstorms. This could develop into a Tropical Depression by the weekend. It is currently moving W-NW. Also we are watching Tropical Storm Newton about 85 miles NW of Hermosillo, Mexico with winds of 60 mph and moving to the north at about 18 mph. This storm should move across extreme NW Mexico and into SE Arizon this afternoon. This storm is weakening. Well that’s all for now, it is great to be back if for only a couple days. Have a great day everyone and keep checking back.

Thursday Outlook

September 1, 2016

Good morning everyone, hope you day is off to a good start. Checking our weather maps this morning, even though it is no threat, we continue to follow Hurricane Gaston that is about 810 miles west of Lajes Air Force Base in the Azores with winds of 85 mph and moving E-NE at 26 mph. This storm is slowly weakening. Also of no concern for the Caribbean is Tropical Storm Hermine in the Gulf of Mexico. Hermine is 195 miles S-SW of Apalachicola, Florida with winds of 65 mph and moving N-NE at 12 mph. This storm could become a Hurricane before making landfall. There are Hurricane Watches and Warnings as well as Tropical Storm Warnings and Watches for the big bend area in northern Florida. In the news, congratulations to Trinidad and Tobago who celebrated their anniversary of independence yesterday, they celebrated 54 years. Joey and I will be headed to Brooklyn New York tomorrow to cover the big Caribbean parade on Labor Day. We will file reports to be seen on One Caribbean Television. Have a great day everyone, we will see you when we return.