Wednesday Update

Good morning everyone, it’s hump day! We have several things to talk about today so lets get started. Checking the weather maps this morning, Hurricane Gaston is currently850 miles east of Bermuda with winds of 120 mph and moving NE at 9 mph. There are no watches or warnings. Gaston is still a category 3 hurricane but poses no threat to Bermuda. Tropical Depression #9 is moving thru the Gulf Of Mexico approximately 400 miles S-SW of Apalachicola, Florida with winds of 35 mph and moving slowly north at 2 mph. There are several Hurricane Watches and Tropical Storm Warnings for the northern gulf coast. This storm is expected to become a Tropical Storm later today and could be a hurricane as it makes landfall. Heavy rain and gusty winds will be accompany this storm. Over in the Pacific we have Hurricane Lester over the open waters. Lester is located about 1865 east of Hilo, Hawaii with winds of 140 mph and moving west at 12 mph. This is a category 4 hurricane. In the news, good news from two airlines. Jet Blue will begin service from Fort Lauderdale, Florida to Aruba beginning in January. Also, bargain airline Allegiant will begin service between Cincinnati and Pittsburgh and San Juan Puerto Rico in December. Well, that’s all for now, remember Joey and I are headed to Brooklyn, New York on Friday to cover the annual labor day Caribbean parade. Have a great day everyone and keep checking back. Don’t forget storm updates and forecasts are available on One Caribbean Television.

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