Monday Update

Good morning everyone, thanks for checking back and we hope you had a great weekend. As we wind down another month, Joey and I will be headed to Brooklyn New York on Friday to cover the 49th annual West Indian American Caribbean carnival. Later in the month we will be traveling to Barbados for a meeting with the Caribbean Tourism Organization. Checking the weather today there are two storms we want to mention. Hurricane Gaston is currently 575 miles east of Bermuda with winds of 115 mph (Category 3 hurricane) and is moving to the north at about one mph. There are no coastal watches or warnings issued and this storm seems to be weakening. We are also watching Tropical Depression #9 located 155 miles W-SW of key West, Florida with winds of 35 mph and moving to the west at about 9 mph. There are currently no coastal watches or warnings with this storm. Although it is poorly organized, it could become a Tropical Storm later today or tonight. We expect this storm to lay down 4-8 inches of rain in Cuba with as much as 12 inches in some spots, this same storm could bring 3-5 inches of rain to southern Florida and the Keys through Wednesday. Be on the lookout for flash flooding and mudslides. In the news, Usain Bolt has signed a contract with Digicel to be their Chief Speed Officer. Digicel has been a sponsor of Bolt’s since high school. In his new job he will be involved with many activities to promote the company. Well, that’s all for now, have a great day and keep checking back.

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