Wednesday Update

Good morning and welcome to another “hump day” everyone! It has been a busy morning in the weather center, Joey is already on his third cup of coffee. Tropical Storm Gaston has gotten a bit stronger today. Currently located about 975 miles west of the Cabo Verde Islands with winds of 70 mph and moving to the W-NW at about 17 mph. There are currently no coastal watches or warnings with this storm, however it could become a hurricane later today. We also have a tropical wave associated with a large low pressure system currently over the northern leeward islands. Showers and thunderstorms are associated with this storm and it could become a tropical depression anytime. It will move W-NW which means it could effect the northern leeward islands including Puerto Rico, Hispaniola and the Bahamas. This storm has the potential to put down gusty winds, heavy rain, flash flooding and dangerous mud slides. We will continue to monitor both of these storms. Don’t forget complete forecasts and updates are available on One Caribbean Television. In the news this morning. The Center for desiese Control has added The Bahamas to their list of destinations where local mosquitos are transmitting the Zika virus. We may see St Kitts and Nevis connected in the future. According to Public Infrastructure Minister Ian Liburd, the two islands may be connected in an area called The Narrows within the next four years. Well, that’s all for now, have a great day everyone and keep checking back.

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