Tuesday Thoughts

Good morning everyone, happy Tuesday. I was just looking at the calendar and thinking how quickly the summer is slipping away. They will be playing football soon in the US, always a sign of fall. Checking the weather maps today, we are watching a tropical wave in the Atlantic, I told you about this yesterday. The wave is about 500 miles W-SW of the Cabo Verde Islands. This storm is producing a large area of clouds and thunderstorms and looks like it is becoming better organized today. We will have to continue to monitor this system because it might became a Tropical Depression in a couple days. In the news, we will soon be seeing Barbados star Rihanna on the big screen. She is scheduled to be one of the stars in the new Oceans 8 movie, an all female reboot of the Oceans 11 franchise. Shooting is expected to begin in October. In other news, a public health emergency has been declared in Puerto Rico by the US Dept of Health and Human Services after 1,914 new cases of the zika virus were reported in one week. Well, that’s all for today, have a good one and keep checking back and don’t forget to catch Joey and I on One Caribbean Television.

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