Thursday Thoughts & Updates

Good morning everyone, hope your Thursday is going well. Checking the weather maps this morning, things are fairly quiet across the Atlantic, Caribbean and gulf of Mexico. The only storm we see today is in the pacific where we find tropical Storm Estelle about 1115 miles west of the southern tip of Baja, California with winds of 60 mph and moving to the W-NW at about 15 mph. There are no coastal watches or warnings with this storm and is headed to colder waters which means it should become a post tropical cyclone by Friday. Don’t forget, you can get complete weather coverage on One Caribbean Television 24/7. In the news today, a Jamacian woman, 30 year old Trudian James was caught trying to smuggle about 3 pounds of cocaine in her suitcase, she was arrested at the Baltimore, Maryland airport. Good news for Trinidad and Tobago. In a speech recently, Communication and Public Administration Minister Maxie Cuffie announced they are working on providing free wi-fi and lower internet fees for the island. Cuffie said many folks on the islands were missing out on a lot because they did not have access to the web. Just a reminder, Joey and I will be in Barbados next week to cover crop over for Carnival Week on OCTV. Have a great day everyone and keep checking back with us.

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