Monday Update

Good morning everyone, thanks for checking back with us, we hope you had a very nice weekend. As we start another week, we don’t see and potential storms out there that should give us any trouble. We will continue to monitor the situation however because we are getting closer to the June first date which kicks off the official hurricane season in the Atlantic. We will also be watching the Pacific side for our viewers in Mexico because their season usually kick off in May. In the news the US Coast Guard rescued some 10 people off the coast of the Bahamas who were clinging to the hull of their sinking ship, the rescued were trying to get to the United States. The Zika virus may be headed to the US, there are already 300 confirmed cases in the states. There still seem to be problems between the West Indian Cricket team and the cricket board, words are flying. Well, that’s all for now, have a great day everyone and keep checking back with us.

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