Thursday Thoughts

Good morning everyone, hope all is well on this Thursday. I am looking at the weather maps this morning and there is some activity out over the Atlantic however it does not look like it will be any threat to the Caribbean. Other than that just the usual scattered showers for most of you tonight. I was looking at the map this morning and for the first time it struck me how big the island of Cuba is compared to the rest of the Caribbean, I always thought The Dominican Republic was big, but compared to Cuba it’s not, and yet when I am on most of the islands they seem fairly big to me. I imagine when you live there it tends to shrink in size fairly quickly because after all it is an island. We hope that things will settle down somewhat in Haiti now that they have a new Prime Minister and 16 member cabinet, the wonderful people who live there deserve some peace and quiet and someone who will really look out for their well being. In the news reps from the Caribbean and Central America recently met in Washington to discuss the financial situation in that region. A mother has filed a suit against Royal Caribbean cruise lines to add lifeguards for their pools since her toddler almost drowned recently on a cruise. Right now only one cruise line offers life guards for their pools. Well, that’s all for now, have a great day everyone and keep checking back.

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