Wednesday Update

Good morning everyone, happy hump day!! Checking the weather maps this morning, there are no developing storms that we can see. Joey and I will be leaving tomorrow. We will be visiting St Kits around the 15th of the month and will be back around the 28th. Just a reminder for our friends in the US Virgin Islands, you can see Joey and I doing daily forecasts on the ABC network. A couple more reminders, you can get a complete forecast on your smart phone, just go to the app store and get One Caribbean Weather. You can also visit us on Facebook at One Caribbean Television, and BobThe Parrot. In the news, The Jamaica Labor party has won that island’s election. World Health officials are saying the zika virus will get worse before it gets better in Puerto Rico. Another big event for the island of Cuba, the Rolling Stones will be performing in concert March 25th. Well, that’s all for now, have a great day and we will see you when we get back from our trip.

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