Tuesday Thoughts

Good morning everyone and happy Tuesday, the first day of march. Only 16 days until St Patrick’s Day and the whole world turns Irish!! Today is a big day politically in the US, it’s called Super Tuesday and a number of states will be voting for their nominees for the presidential election coming up in November. Checking the weather maps today we don’t see any developing storms out there. Joey and I are busy preparing for our trip, as I told you yesterday we are leaving on Thursday. In the news, Cuba is having their annual cigar festival. The festival draws buyers from all over the world. Jamaica elections are close enough that they might have a recount and Trinidad and Tobago’s Olympic committee is planning to take home at least 10 medals in the 2024 Olympics. People of Haiti have taken to the streets to celebrate the cough of 2004. Well, that’s all for now, have a great day everyone.

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