Tuesday Thoughts

Good morning everyone, hope your Tuesday is going well so far. Checking the weather maps this morning I am happy to report there are no major storms out there to be concerned with and none developing that we can see. Remember, you can get complete, updated forecasts on One Caribbean Television everyday. If you are not currently receiving the station, call your local cable provider and ask them if they would add the station to your lineup. Well as we look at the calendar, Christmas is fast approaching, then we will usher in another new year and we are looking forward to carnival season just around the corner. We are busy preparing our schedule for carnival coverage in 2016 and look forward with great anticipation to getting back to the party!! In the news. Wal Mart is sueing Puerto Rico over a hike in taxes, the cash strapped island has increased taxes on large companies making over two billion dollars. The San Jose gallion found off the coast of Columbia continues to be the talk around the Caribbean. The treasure of 11 to 17 million dollars was being sent to the King of Spain to finance his war in the 1700 hundreds. Well that’s all for now, have a great day and keep checking back.

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