Friday Update

Good morning everyone and T.G.I.F. Well, we are on the doorstep of another weekend and there are no major storm or developing storms to report on at this time. There will be showers and an occasional thunderstorm around over the weekend but that would be about it. Joey and I are getting ready for our trip to Curacao next weekend where we will be attending the Caribbean Tourism Organizations big meeting, we always look forward to returning to Curacao where we have many friends. Don’t forget over the weekend you can get complete weather coverage on One Caribbean Television and as we always tell you, if you currently don’t get the station, call your local cable provider and ask them to add it to your lineup. In the news, the Bahamas continues to clean up after the catagory 4 hurricane moved across the islands last week. Clean up is expected to take months. Tourism has been affected by the algae that has shown up in the Dominican Republic , a number of other Caribbean islands have delt with the algae this year. A big event in Bonair this week as the International Sailing Festival is taking place. This weekend Cuba will celebrate their iindependance from Spain. Well that’s all for now, have a great weekend and keep checking back with us.

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