Friday Updates

Good morning everyone and T.G.I.F. Checking the weather maps this morning, we are tracking Hurricane Danny which is currently about 985 miles E-SE of the Leeward Islands with winds of 85 mph and moving W-NW at 10 mph. Danny is a small hurricane right now and there have been no coastal watches or warnings posted as yet. We will continue to track this storm throughout the weekend, you can get updates here on the web or at One Caribbean Television, also CBS TV in Puerto Rico. I also want to mention we are watching a broad non tropical area of low pressure several hundred miles south of Bermuda that is causing a large area of showers and thundersrorms, this system will be moving north during the weekend. Finally I want to mention that there is a tropical wave just off the coast of Africa. this is showeing an area of showers and thunderstorms and could develop over the next several days. In the news, drought conditions continue through parts of the Caribbean so some rain would greatly be appreciates. Drought conditions now exist in Cuba, Puerto Rico and St Kits. In sports this is the big weekend when Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin from the US will race against each other in the World Championships in China.Well, that’s all for now, have a great weekend and keep checking back with us.

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