Thurday Thoughts and Updates

Good morning everyone and happy Thursday, we are closing in on another weekend. Checking the weather maps this morning there are no major storms to report on, just the usual scattered showers and occasional thunderstorms we find around. Over in the Pacific ocean we are watching a Tropical Wave that I have talked about the past several days. This system is several hundred miles south of Acapulco Mexico and looks like it might have the potential to develop into something stronger over the weekend or beginning of next week. In the news, the drought continues for the island of Puerto Rico,many people are still rationing water, there is some suggestion that they might ask the US for help with this problem. Have you seen the new Alicia Keys photo where she is wearing a Jamaica t-shirt? It is a takeoff on the iconic photo produced by the tourist board in the 70’s, it is getting alot of exposure again. Looking forward to September, Joey and I will be in New York City for the big West-Indian American Day Parade which will take place on Sept 7th. Well that’s all for now, have a great day and keep checking back.

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