Wednesday Updates

Good morning and happy hump day everyone. Checking your weather maps this morning, there are no major storms to report on. There are numerous showers and occasional thunderstorms around again today. Over in the Pacific there are two low pressures that we are watching, one closest to the Mexico coast could develop into something stronger as we head into the weekend or the beginning of next week, we will continue to watch this area. In the news there are complaints coming from Haiti on their recent election, there are accusations of ballot stuffing. There were reports of fist fights. Seaweed from the warmer waters of the north Atlantic continues to be the major conversation, Tobago calls it a natural disaster. Tourism seems to be affected by the seaweed in the ocean waters. John Carry from the US will travel to Havana on Friday to raise the US flag over the embassy there. A new survey finds the happiest flyers are flying on Southwest airlines. Well that’s all for today, have a great day and keep checking back with us.

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