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Wednesday Updates

June 30, 2015

Good morning everyone and thanks for checking back with us, checking your weather this morning there are no developing storms to report on, remember you can get complete weather coverage daily on One Caribbean Television. If you are not currently receiving the station, call your cable provider and ask them if they might add the station to your lineup. In the news, Puerto Rico’s Governor has said the island may not be able to pay 72 billion dollars to it’s creditors. Many people have left the island over the years seeking employment elsewhere which has eroded much of to tax base. Speaking of Puerto Rico we are getting stories of a bad drought across the island as well as many other islands in the Caribbean because of the lack of rainfall. Just a reminder, Joey and I are headed to St Vincent and The Grenadines tomorrow and will be gone thru next week as we go to cover Vincy Mas carnival. have a great day everyone, we will see you when we get back.