Friday Updates

Good morning my friends and T.G.I.F. as we head into another weekend I am happy to report there are no developing storms out there that we are watching. Today is the official start to the Pacific hurricane season with the Atlantic season kicking into gear on June 1st. I was looking at the travel plans for Joey and I, we will be on the road the next three months. June will take us to New York City to celebrate Caribbean Week in NYC. The month of July will take us to the island of St Vincent as we celebrate Vincy Mas the annual carnival. Finally August will take us back to Barbados as we bring you Carnival Week on One Caribbean Television. In sports, the Cleveland Cavs defeated the Chicago Bulls las night in NBA basketball while Houston defeated the Los Angeles Clippers. In the news, elections from Guyana show the opposition party taking control, David Granger will be the new President. Puerto Rico is seeing big financial problems and apparently big drops in public school enrollment, this could lead to many schools being closed on the island in the future. Apparently the recent visit by US President Barac Obama to Jamaica was a very costly one with millions being spent for road work and security by the island.

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