Thursday Thoughts

Good morning everyone, Bob The parrot here. Hope your day is going well, hard to believe we are half way through another month. I don’t know where Joey is, I sent him off to get me a cup of coffee and he hasn’t come back yet (it’s so hard to find good help!!!) Checking the weather maps this morning, no new developing storms to report on. Speaking of that, I have not seen any projections for the upcoming hurricane season yet. Let’s hope the season is as quiet as the past couple have been. Just a reminder, the big St Lucia Jazz festival is coming up April 30 to May 10th. headliner this year will be Robin Thicke. This has traditionally been one of the better jazz festivals in the Caribbean.In the news, an auto accident in Haiit has killed 8 people, and injured a number more. Former pro football player Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison yesterday for killing a Caribbean man. Jamaica’s relaxed marajuana laws are now in effect on the island. Well that’s all for today, have a good one and keep checking back with us.

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