Friday Updates

Good morning everyone and happy Friday. Well, we have reached the end of another week and will say goodbye to another month tomorrow. Checking the weather maps as we head to the weekend we don’t see any storms that might give us trouble. Be assured however that we will be watching and monitoring over the weekend. This is also a chance for me to remind you that you can get complete weather coverage as well as great programming geared exclusively to the Caribbean on One Caribbean Television. If you are not currently receiving the station, call your local cable provider and ask them if they might not add it to your lineup. In the news, there was a special program on CBS TV last night about the swimsuit models of Sports Illustrated that was filmed entirely in Puerto Rico. Dr Daniel Douglas is calling foul in the latest elections in St Kits and Nevis, he was Prime Minister for 20 years. Good news for Puerto Rico where they continue to set cruise ship records Thursday they had six ships in port at one day and a record number of people. Cuba is having a huge cigar show on the island, today there was a contest to see who could produce the longest ash, last year a woman won with an ash a little over six inches!! Well that’s all for today, have a nice day and a great weekend everyone.

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