Friday Updates

Good morning and TGIF everyone. Well, we are on the verge of another weekend and we certainly hope the weather will cooperate with whatever plans you have. Checking the weather maps this morning there are no developing storms that we see but be assured that we will continue to watch and monitor over the weekend and let you know if anything does develop. Joey and I are looking forward to our trip to Curacao next week for carnival. Make sure to be watching for the annual carnival week on One Caribbean Television, it’s almost as fun as being there!!! Just another reminder that if you are not currently receiving One Caribbean Television, call your local cable provider and ask them to add the station to your lineup, that way you won’t miss a minute of news, weather and sports as well as great Caribbean programming. In the news, another day of unrest in Haiti where they continue to protest high gas prices. Trinidad officials have issued a warning to party revelers not to wind on police officers or you could end up in jail. Happy Birthday to Bob Marley who would have turned 70 today. Bob passed away too early in his 30’s. Well that’s all for today, have a great weekend everyone.

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