Thursday Thoughts

Good morning, is it Thursday already? I hope you are all having a good day and thanks for checking back. I was looking over the weather maps and I can’t find any developing storms out there so things are looking pretty good right now. Joey and I are just winding down the final days of this month and getting ready for Christmas. The new year looks like it will be busy as we will be back on the road in February. Right now we have a couple of events in Puerto Rico and of course the annual Carnival in Curacao that we will be covering. In a surprise move on Wednesday, US President Obama announced that the US and Cuba will work towards better relations. Good news for the island of Haiti where the tourism board announced a 21.1% increase in stayovers on the island in 2014. According to statistics the average stay was three days with an average spending of $160.00. Well that’s all for now, keep checking back and have a great day.

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