Monday Updates

Good morning everyone, hope you had a good weekend as we kick off another new week. I hear the Black and Blue gala in San Juan was a huge success over the weekend, with proceeds going to the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Anita Antuinette from Jamaica continued her run on the voice this week, we wish her luck. More sickness on a cruise line, one of the Princess ships reported several hundred people sick on a recent cruise. Checking the weather maps today we find no major storms or developing storms to report. Keep in mind the Atlantic hurricane season ends on November 30th. I don’t know how many basketball fans we have out there, but I am always amazed when someone like LaBron James scores 30 or 40 points in a game and it is just like another night at the office, for most players that would be a huge thing but someone like him it is expected. If you are vacationing in the Caribbean be thankful if you are from the Unites States where most of the country is in deep freeze with lots of snow!!! Well that’s it for now, have a great day everyone and keep checking back.

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