Friday Updates

Good morning and happy T.G.I.F everyone. Well, we are on the doorstep of another weekend and I hope the weather cooperates for whatever plans you might have. I was thinking this morning how lucky you folks in the Caribbean are, especially at this time of the year. I realize as long as it is hurricane season you are looking over your shoulder to see what is out there but that aside there is no substitute for the warm weather and the beautiful ocean that surround your home. If you lived in more northern climates you would appreciate what I am saying. People who plan vacations to the Caribbean are thrilled with the beauty of it all. I would imagine growing up and living your whole life on a particular island that you would tend to take it all for granted, this is understandable, but take it from someone who lives in the north and spends a lot of time in the Caribbean, you live in a truly special place. looking at the weather map this morning, things are looking good as we head toward another weekend. There are no major storms out there to report on. Saw some pictures this morning of heavy flooding in Northern Haiti. Speaking of Haiti, designer Kenneth Cole has open a boutique in Haiti. Well that’s all for now, we hope you all have a great weekend and keep checking back with us.

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