Thursday Thoughts

Good morning everyone, hope your Thursday is going well. I was just thinking this morning how time is flying by. We are not far away from Christmas and then we will be into another year. The weather in the United States, Canada and Europe is beginning to become colder and that means a lot of people will be headed to the Caribbean for vacation or to beat the winter season. Now is the time when we are starting to see more crew ships arriving in port and we all know that that is good for the economy. Resorts, restaurants and shops will become busier and that will mean more jobs. Let’s hope it is a great season throughout the Caribbean. Checking the weather today the only thing we are watching is a low pressure near the island of Bermuda that is producing showers and thunderstorms. This system could develop into something bigger if only for a short while so we will continue to monitor it. Look for some more rains this morning in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Just a reminder that you can get complete weather information and forecasts on One Caribbean television. If you are not currently receiving the station, contact your cable provider and ask them if they would add it to your lineup. Well that’s all for now, have a great day everyone and keep checking back with us.

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