Monday Update

Good morning everyone, I hope you had a good weekend and thanks for checking back. In the news coast guard boats recovered some 900 pounds of marijuana from smuggles oft the coast of Haiti this weekend, the smugglers got away however. An arrest warrant has been issued for former president of Haiti, Aristeed. On the weather front we are watching a couple things for you. In the Atlantic we have an elongated low pressure midway between the Lesser Antillies and The Cape Verde islands. Development is expected in the next couple days. Tropical Depression #12 is in the pacific about 685 miles SW of the southern tip of Baja, California with winds of 35 mph and moving W at 9 mph, there are no watches or warnings. Tropical Storm Karina is headed toward Hawaii. The mayor of Puerto Rico has taken the ice bucket challenge and immediately challenged singer Ricky Martin. Don’t forget the Curacao North Sea Jazz festival is coming up August 29-30 in Curacao. Joey and I will be there for the excitement. Well that’s all for today, have a good day everyone.

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