Friday Updates

Good morning and TGIF!!! Bob The Parrot here, thanks for checking back with us. As we head into the weekend there are no big storms out there brewing but be assured we will be watching and monitoring all weekend long. Don’t forget you can get complete weather coverage 24/7 on One Caribbean Television. If you are not receiving the station make a call to your cable provider and ads them to add it to your lineup. Just a reminder we will be featuring Carnival Week on One Caribbean Television beginning next week. Joey and I will be broadcasting live from Curacao and Marley Hall will be broadcasting live from Aruba as we bring you all the action and excitement of carnival, you will have a front row seat. Sports Illustrated is shooting there bathing suit issue in St Lucia this year, that issue is always one of the biggest sellers of the year and great publicity for the location where they shoot. Good news for Puerto Rico, a 200 million dollar cancer center will be built on the island and open in 2016. Well that’s all for now, remember Joey and I will be gone for awhile but keep checking back. Have a great weekend everyone.

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