Thursday Thoughts

Good Morning!!! Bob The Parrot here, and thanks for checking back. Not a whole lot going on today. Checking the weather maps we have no major storms to report on other then the normal showers and occasional thunderstorm that pop up. The NCBA in Trinidad is suggesting changing the carnival parade route, this has a number of folks upset. Plans are to change the route from East to West instead of West to East, this is suppose to eliminate the pileup of bands at the end of the route. The 5th installment of the Pirates of The Caribbean with Johnny Depp will be shot in Puerto Rico at the end of this year. This certainly be a big budget picture.(Maybe I can get a cameo role)!!!! Dominica Nature Island Challenge will take place April 7-11. Also the world’s best 10k that is held in San Juan Puerto Rico is almost a month away, our own Cara Coleman will be running in the event with her team so you still have time to register. Well that’s all for today, have a great day and keep checking back.

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