Thursday Thoughts and Updates

Good morning all, Bob The Parrot here with my sidekick Joey Stevens and we want to thank you for checking back. All is quiet on the weather front today with the exception of some disturbed weather off the southwest coast of Mexico. We really don’t think this will develop into anything over the next couple days but we just wanted to point it out and let you know that we are watching it. Joey and I will be headed down to San Juan Puerto Rico next Wednesday and look forward to seeing old friends. Sad news from the Bahamas the other day about the small plane that crashed and killed four passengers from the US. Did you hear that Usain Bolt admitted to eating about 1000 chicken nuggets from McDonalds while he was in China (said he wasn’t crazy about the food over ther) anyway it must have worked he won three gold medals!!!! I see a commercial in the future…..well that’s all for now, keep checking back and have a great day.

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