Friday Wrap Up

Good morning and TGIF!!!! Bob The Parrot here with my sidekick Joey Stevens, and like you we are getting ready for the weekend. I would just like to remind our friends in Puerto Rico of the Black and Blue Gala for Muscular Dystrophy coming up November 8th, Joey and I will be in San Juan for this very worthwhile event and we hope to see a lot of you there. On the weather scene, Tropical Storm Raymond continues to churn away from the coast of Mexico however it seems to be strengthening a bit. Current winds are 50 mph and movement is to the West at 10 mph. There are no watches or warnings with this storm. Over in the Atlantic we have remnants of Lorenzo about 1150 miles SW of the Azores, there are no watches or warnings with this system either. So, as we head into the weekend there are no major storms to be concerned with I am glad to report. Don’t forget you can get complete weather information and updates all weekend long at One Caribbean Television….and again I would remind you that if you don’t receive the station, call your local cable provider and ask them to add it to your lineup. Have a great weekend everyone, and keep checking back with us.

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