Wednesday Updates

Good morning and thanks for checking back. Bob The Parrot here. Updating our weather situation we have several areas we are watching again today. First off we have a Tropical Wave moving across the Yucatan Peninsula and portions of the Gulf of Mexico. This system is producing a lot of clouds and showers for the area. This could develop further and we will be watching it. The second area of concern is a broad area of low pressure about 200 Southeast of San Juan Puerto Rico that is showing some strengthening. Even if this does not develop into a tropical cyclone, it will still produce heavy rain and gusty winds for portions of the leeward islands…Puerto Rico….The Virgin Islands and Hispaniola. We will continue to monitor these systems and let you know what is happening. There are no watches or warnings as of this writing. Just a couple reminders of events coming up in the Caribbean. The 27th PRHTA Annual Convention and Trade Show takes place in Puerto Rico from Sept 9-11. Also our friends from Antigua and Barbuda remind us of the Dejam Music Festival from Sept 13-27. Well that’s it for now, keep checking back and have a wonderful day.

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