Wednesday Watch

Good morning everyone, I hope this Wednesday is going well for you so far. Checking the weather this morning there are no new storms brewing in the Atlantic or the pacific I am glad to say. Joey and I will continue to watch and when something develops we will let you know so keep checking back on a regular basis. From the news desk, folks are still on royal watch for the new baby, many still think this will be the week for the new arrival, I personally think they should name the new baby Bob, even if it’s a girl!!! LOL While we are taking a little break from storm season, it is a good time to remind you to be ready for the next storm. Make sure you have adequate supplies on hand and that family members know your plan should a storm hit your area. Also know where you will go to wait out the storm, will it be a safe place in your home or perhaps a community shelter. Be prepared…that is the key. Well that’s all for now, have a great day a keep checking back with us.

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