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Thoughts For Thursday

February 28, 2013

Good morning all my friends, Bob The Parrot here with my sidekick Joey Stevens. I don’t know about you but I love to get my morning started with a good cup of coffee….ahhhh…I saw on the news there is a little contoversy in Jamaica over a German commercial that shows the country’s flag catching on fire in a coffee shop (by accident) and then the worker trying to stomp it out, sometimes you wonder what the creators of some commercials are thinking about!!!!! I also hear there is a priest in Mexico who squirts the kids with holy water from a squirtgun and wears robes with superman and action figures on it….hey it works!!!! No major storms out there today, looking forward to a good day…you have a good one and keep checking back.

Hump Day Chatter

February 27, 2013

Hello everyone, Bob The Parrot here with my sidekick Joey Stevens. Well it’s Wednesday or as we affectionately refer to it as "hump day", it’s all downhill to the weekend from here!!! I just got done checking the weather maps and there are no big storms out there that we need to be concerned with today. Don’t forget, if there is something happening where you live and would like to share it with the rest of the caribbean, just send an email to me or Joey and we will make sure it get’s on the blog. Kind of quiet right now so I will sign off but keep checking back.

Tuesday Talk

February 26, 2013

Good morning, good morning, Bob The Parrot here with my sidekick Joey Stevens. I was reading an article the other day that says alot of students are choosing the caribbean for spring break trips. We always welcome tourists to the Caribbean and it’s nice when young folks visit because they get a taste of the islands and hopefully will return as adults. Hallowood rumor….Janet Jackson is married. Fidel Castro’s brother says he will stand down when his turm ends in 2018 (he will be 86), it will be interesting who will take over as leader of Cuba, the Castro’s have been in charge since 1959…interesting. Well that’s all for today, keep checking back and have a great day.

Monday Mumblings

February 25, 2013

Good morning everyone, Bob The Parrot here and I must admit a little sleepy, Joey and I stayed up to watch the Acadamy Awards last night. I personally thought Lincoln should have won the best picture of the year instead of Argo, but Joey and I pretty much agree with the rest of the awards. Caribbean politics is back in the news…The New National Party is back in power in Granada while The Democratic Labor Party won election results in Barbados….we are off and running into another week and I hope you will keep checking back. Have a great day everyone.

Friday Ramblings

February 22, 2013

Hello everyone, Bob The Parrot here, I hope your day is going well. I am sitting here at the keyboard while Joey is off making some coffee (I like mine with a shot of Rum)…a couple of things to pass along to you today, first don’t forget the World’s Best 10k in San Juan Puerto Rico this Sunday. If you are on the island it is a must see. Also Joey and I want to wish Happy Independance Day to both St. Lucia amd St. Maarten today. Well the weekend is upon us and I hope it is a good one for you, keep checking back.

Thursday Thoughts

February 21, 2013

Good morning again everyone, Bob The Parrot here, I hope your Thursday is going well. It is election day in Barbados, I hope the weather cooperates so everyboday can get out an exercise their right to vote. I also want to reming everyone that the World’s Best 10k will take place this Sunday in San Juan Puerto Rico. Gary Drapcho from One Caribbean Television is on the ground to cover the race, it is always a huge event. Well that’s all for now, have a great day and keep checking back.

Wednesday Chatter

February 20, 2013

Hello everyone, Bob The Parrot here with my sidekick Joey Stevens….you only have to spend a short time in the Northern United States to see why folks love to travel to the Caribbean, this time of the year finds snow and bitter cold!!!! Oh for those warm, sandy beaches of the Caribbean!!! Politics is front and center in the Caribbean with a new government elected in Granada and folks going to the polls to vote tomorrow in Barbados, we hope whoever is in power that they will do the very best possible for the people who elected them….that’s all for now, keep checking back and have a great day.

Tuesday Talk

February 19, 2013

Hey good morning everyone, Bob The Parrot here. Did you get a chance to see the celebrity basketball game this past weekend for the NBA all star game. Usain Bolt had a chance to play and proved once again that he is not only the fastest human but also a great athlete…Jamaica is truely proud!!! Not much happening today, looked at the weather maps and there are no big storms to be concerned about. I hope you are having a chance to watch Joey abd I on One Caribbean Television…if your cable provider doen not provide the program give them a call and ask them to add it. Have a great day everyone and keep checking back.

Back To Work

February 18, 2013

Good morning everyone, Bob The Parrot here to begin another week. I hope you all had a great weekend. No major storm to report as we start this new week. It’s Presidents Day in the United States so not a whole lot is happening since it is a National Holiday. Just a reminder to our friends in Antigua and Barbuda that Wadadi Day is coming up right around the corner on February 23rd. Looking forward to a fairly tranquil week, Joey and I won’t be back on the road until sometime in March. That’s all for now, have a great day everyone and keep checking back.

Friday Thoughts

February 15, 2013

Goog morning everyone, I hope your Friday is going well so far (hey folks, just remember…it’s Friday!!!!!) Just sitting here with the first of many cups of coffee, haven’t seen Joey yet this morning, he’s probably still sleeping!!! I heard the Rip Curl Surfing Contest in Puerto Rico was a huge success recently, one of the entrants from Puerto Rico came in fourth….congratulations. Not a whole lot planned for this weekend but I’m sure Joey willl have something for us to do. I was just looking at the calendar, Easter is really early this year. Well that’s it for now, have yourself a great weekend and check back next week….