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Poll Results and other News

May 30, 2012

Hi everyone, Bob The parrot here. I was told the British Virgin Islands Music festival was a huge success, congratulations to everyone involved with putting it on. Mark your calendars for the Curacao North Sea Jazz Festival August 31 and September 1 in Curacao, this year’s concerts will include Santana and Mana to name just a couple. If you have kids in the house, I have been busy preparing for a new season of The Sunshine Fun Club seen on One Caribbean Television on Saturday and Sunday mornings. We have a new poll for you to vote on…check it out. The last poll was very close, the question was “Are you in favor of the concept, The United States of The Caribbean”? 53.4% of you said YES while 46.6% of you said NO. Congratulations to Jamaica celebrating 50 years of independence this year!!! That’s it for now, keep checking back.

Poll Results and Updates

May 8, 2012

Hey everyone, Bob The Parrot here. I have the results from the latest OCW web poll. The question was do you think your island is doing enough to protect the environment and the coral reefs? 75.8% of you said NO while 24.2% said YES….it looks like there is some work to be done here!!!! Things are going along pretty well her, Joey and I had a wonderful trip to Guyana several weeks back. We don’t have any immediate plans for travel but you never know. Curacao has announced some of the talent for the North Sea Jazz Festival August 31 and September 1st….you can go to their web-sight and get the complete lineup, Joey and I will be there to cover it again this year. The Flamboyant Hotel in Granada is having their annual Mothers Day Lunch this Sunday May 13th, it is always a classy affair. That’s it for now, don’t forget to watch us on One Caribbean Television and if you don’t get the station call your cable provider and ask them if they would add it to your lineup…see you soon everyone.