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Back From Guyana & Other Information

April 23, 2012

Hello again everyone, Bob The Parrot here. Joey and I just returned from the beautiful country of Guyana where we participated in the Caribbean Tourism Organizations conference. We had the chance to see a lot of old friends and we really enjoyed ourselves. If you have never been to Guyana put it on your list, it is a beautiful country and the people are very special. I don’t know where we will be headed next but I will keep you updated when we know. We have a new poll question this week, the previous question was “If you hit the lottery what would you do with the money”? 42.5% of you said you would help your family followed by 25.4% of you who said you would buy a new home. Just a reminder that Hurricane season is just around the corner in June, check this web sight as well as One Caribbean Television for complete coverage. By the way if your cable provider does not carry One Caribbean Television, call and ask them to add it to your lineup. That’s all for now, keep checking back.