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Latest Poll Results

January 25, 2012

Hi everyone, Bob The Parrot here with the latest poll results. After tabulating your answers on the question “Who are the friendliest visitors to your island”? here are the results….Americans scored 53.3% while the British scores 24.3%…thank you for sharing your feelings with us. There is a new poll question waiting for you now. Thanks everyone.

On The Road Again

January 25, 2012

Hi everyone, Bob The Parrot here….well Joey and I will be off to Puerto Rico for the annual Caribbean Cable Operators Conference in San Juan. This year’s event will be one of the largest held with cable owners and suppliers of various products present. The conference will be held this year in the beautiful San Juan convention center. Looking forward, Curacao will be holding their annual Carnival in February, if you are going to be near the island this is always a great time for everyone. Keep checking back…more later.

Latest Poll Results and travel Plans

January 13, 2012

Hey everyone, Bob The Parrot here. I have the latest results from our annual poll question. The question was Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? 77.8% of you said NO while 22.2% of you said YES. Joey and I are busy preparing for our next road trip that will take us back to Puerto Rico the end of the month and then over to Barbados and Granada the first week of February, we are looking forward with great anticipation to a return trip. It is really getting cold in the northeastern part of the US and we are ready for warmer days. We hope you will continue to watch us on One Caribbean Television and WSEE-TV CBS and if you would like to drop us an email you can do so at jstevens. Keep checking back for more updates.

Poll Results and New Information

January 5, 2012

Hi everyone, Bob The Parrot here with you. The results from our last poll question are in, the question was…What is the biggest problem for young people in the Caribbean? The number one answer was Places to go socially 45.8% followed by Finding a job at 25.2%…there is a new poll question out and I hope you will take time to vote. Joey and I will be back on the road at the end of the month, we will be attending the Caribbean Cable Operators meetings in San Juan Puerto Rico and then head over to see our friends in Barbados the first of February. Keep checking back for information and updates.