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Poll Results and Storm Updates

September 26, 2011

Hi everyone, Bob The Parrot here…hope you all had a great weekend. I have the results from the latest poll on One Caribbean…”Who has the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean”?…Barbados received the most votes with 37% followed by The Bahamas with 17%…make sure to vote on the latest poll and let your voice be heard! Tropical Storm Ophelia that we were talking about last week is nothing more then a rain producer today…Hurricane Hilary is off the coast of Baja California and expected to weaken over the next 48 hours….Tropical Storm Philippe is over the Atlantic and expected to stay there with no threat to land as we see it now. Keep checking back and have a great day everyone.

Poll Results and Other Information

September 26, 2011

Hey everyone, it’s a new week and I have some information for you. Results from our latest poll are in…”Who has the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean”? Most of you voted for Barbados (36%) with Bahamas coming in second (15.7%)…..check out our new question and make sure to cast your vote. As we start the week Ophelia is no longer a problem, Hurricane Hilary off the coast of Baja is weakening and Tropical Storm Philippe is way out over the Atlantic Ocean and should stay out there with no threat to land as we see things right now. Keep checking back from time to time for more information.

Hurricane and Tropical Storm On Board Today

September 22, 2011

We are watching two storms today. Hurricane Hilary is off the coast of Mexico. She is a category 1 Hurricane but expected to grow into a major Hurricane by Friday night, possibly a category 3. It looks like the storm will ride along the coast and eventually ride out to sea we are watching this storm because any shift northward would mean heavier wind and rain for the Mexican coastal areas. We also have a Tropical Storm over the Atlantic called Ophelia. There are no watches or warnings currently with this storm. Ophelia is moving W but expected to move more W-NW over the next 48 hours. Ophelia could also loose some strength over the next 48 hours because of strong upper level winds.

Turks & Caicos Volleyball Tourney

September 20, 2011

Hey everyone, Bob The Parrot here with some news of an upcoming event. The Turks and Caicos Volleyball federation has announced their beach Volleyball Invitational event October 8 & 9 open to the general public. The format will be 4’s competitive and 4’s recreational…..if you need any information contact Ms. CJ Adamo at 649-441-4710…..Bump-Set_Spike!!!!!

Important Information!!

September 15, 2011

Well not really, but it sounded good. Hi everyone, Bob The Parrot here. Did you know that Monday, September 19th is International Talk Like A Pirate Day?! That’s right, on Monday you have permission to talk like a pirate all day long….arrrrr!!! I personally won’t participate because I am mad at Johnny Depp (Capt Jack Sparrow) for not selecting me to play a part in the Pirate Of The Caribbean Movies…..I thought I at least deserved a cameo!!! Oh well have fun everyone…more later.

A New Week And Poll results

September 12, 2011

Hey everyone, Bob The parrot here. Hope you all had a great weekend. Tropical Storm Maria is pushing away from the Caribbean over the Atlantic, she might be a concern to Bermuda the next couple days so she is worth watching. The rest of you can rest easy for now. I had a good weekend but now it’s back to work and another week. Joey and I don’t have any immediate travel plans but things often pop up so I will keep you posted. The latest results form The One Caribbean Weather poll are in. The question was “What is your best source for weather information”? Most of you said television (45.6%) followed closely by Computer (Web) with (42.1%) very close…..check out and vote on the new question “Where are the most beautiful beaches found in the Caribbean? Well that’s all for now, keep checking back for more information.

Great Jass Festival

September 6, 2011

Joey and I just returned from Curacao where we took in the second annual North Sea Jazz Festival. The event was great and the talent was top shelf. Curacao is quickly establishing itself as the home of one of the best Jazz Festivals in the Caribbean! I want to thank our friends at the Curacao Tourist Board for their help and cooperation while we were on the island, they always treat us great. Keep checking back for more information and don’t forget to tune us in for your weather on CBS and One Caribbean Television.