Poll results and other Stuff

Hey everyone, Bob The Parrot here. It’ s been kind of busy the past several days as Joey and I have been tracking Tropical Storm Emily through the Caribbean. Don’t forget you can get the latest watches and warnings as well as the current position of any storm here at One Caribbean Weather. Com, just go to the home page on the lower right side. I have the results of our latest poll…What Is Your Favorite Food? The fish eaters just edged out the chicken eaters 29.1 to 28.6….man am I glad I didn’t list Parrot!!!!! Check the new poll question which is geared to you Cricket buffs to give your opinion. Curacao is gearing up for their big North Sea Jazz festival on Sept 2 & 3rd. We hear the they have some big named talent coming like Stevie Wonder, Sting and Dionne Warwick, Earth Wind and Fire, to mention just a few. WOW does that sound like a great time!!!! Joey and I are going to try and get down there and cover it again this year. Well that’s it for now, keep checking back…and have a great day!!!

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