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February Feedback

February 11, 2011

Hi everyone, Bob The Parrot here with my sidekick Joey Stevens. Not much has been happening this month, Joey and I have been busy however preparing for some travels in March. We will be headed to Curacao for the annual Columbus Communications golf tourney which Joey and I look forward to each year. It will be extra special being in Curacao at this time because Carnival will be taking place. We will try to do some pieces and send them back for the television program so you can see the action. I am not sure yet but Joey and I are hoping to get over to Trinidad around the 7th and 8th of March for the street parade of the Trinidad Carnival. Did you know Trinidad’s Carnival is the second biggest in the world!!?? I also want to give a heads up to my friends in the Turks and Caicos Islands that Joey and I will probably be visiting you sometime soon, keep watching here for more details. Also I will have more detail soon, but I will be launching a new kids show this spring so keep watching for info on that. Well I better go for now, have a great day everyone.