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Back From Aruba

January 31, 2011

Hi everyone, Bob The Parrot here with my sidekick Joey Stevens. Well we made it back from Aruba. We had never been there so we really didn’t know what to expect. What we found was a beautiful fun place with really neat people. To say it was windy would be an understatement, if I hadn’t been attached to Joey’s arm I surely would have been blown to Curacao!!!!!! We really enjoyed seeing old friends and meeting some new one’s at the Caribbean Cable Operators Conference. I was laughing, Joey was playing golf and he would hit the ball and it would go all over the place because of the wind, at least he had an excuse because he really isn’t that good of a golfer anyway!!!! While Joey was working I went out and layed by the pool, got a massage, and even indulged in a few of those umbrella drinks, hey…one of us had to enjoy the trip!!!!! Seriously though, we had a great time in Aruba. I’m not sure but we might be off to the Turks and Caicos next…keep watching for all the details. Bye for now.

Hello from Aruba!

January 27, 2011
Liz and Joe at OCTV booth

Joe, Bob and Liz at the OCTV booth in Aruba



Joe, Bob and Liz visited the CCTA 2011 Annual Meeting in Aruba this week at the Renaissance Aruba Resort & Casino.

Plant Design Seminar

January 24, 2011




On Our Way To ARUBA

January 18, 2011

Hi everyone, Bob the loveable Parrot here along with my faithful sidekick Joey….I hope he doesn’t read this or I’m sure I will be in trouble. Well we are on the road again or should I say in the air this weekend as we head to Aruba for the Caribbean Cable Operators Conference…Joey and I are very excited because we have never been to Aruba but have heard it is a beautiful place. I am finally getting settled into the new year, it seems awhile since new years eve doesn’t it?? I know I have mentioned it in previous blogs but Jamaica is having their big Jazz and Blues Festival January 23-29th with some very big time talent, you might want to check it out if you are going to be in the area. Also there will be a number of Carnivals coming up, I know Curacao will be having theirs the first weekend in March. Well, that’s all for this time, keep watching and keep checking back right here for the latest….bye for now.

New Year Feels Like Old Year

January 10, 2011

Hi everyone, Bob The Parrot here with my partner Joey. Well the new year is almost two week old and it still feels like the old year to me!!!! Joey says I have to give it time but I am a little impatient and want to see results right away. Joey and I have been getting a lot of nice emails lately from folks who enjoy watching the show and I just want you to know that we really appreciate it. Looking forward this month, Joey and I will be heading to Aruba for the Caribbean Cable Operators Conference at the end of this month. We are really excited because we have not been to Aruba. Hopefully we are going to also be able to stop over in Jamaica to catch a little of the Jazz and Blues Festival, I hear it really is a” must” event….I don’t know if you know this about me but I really love to dance….the problem is Joey say’s every time I dance, he gets tired!!!!! Go figure. Well, gotta go for now, keep checking back and I’ll keep you updated on what Joey and I are up to.

Hello 2011

January 3, 2011

Hi everyone, Bob The Parrot here with my buddy Joey. Well 2011 is finally here, actually it arrived rather quickly, seems like we just began 2010!!!! Joey and I are looking forward to a great year in 2011 with all of you so we hope you will continue to tune us in on CBS or One Caribbean Weather. Joey and I will be hitting the road soon for Aruba and hopefully we will get a chance to stop over a couple days in Jamaica to take in the Jamaica Jazz Festival January 23-29th. I am a big fan of Maroon 5 and would like Joey to see them….New Years Eve was exciting, Joey and I went to a party and the champagne was flowing, someone hit me in the beak with the cork!!!!! I have to go for now, Joey is calling me to do the show, but keep checking back…..