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Looking Forward To Christmas

November 29, 2010

Well, Joey and I made it through Thanksgiving here in the states with no real problems. I must admit I get a little shaky around this time of year, I feel like the staff is looking for a replacement for their turkey dinner!!! I have some good news, November 30th marks the official end to the Hurricane season. It was one of the more active seasons on record with 19 named storms which as we all know caused some problems for our friends in the islands. We hope things are getting back to normal. Also Joey and I would like to wish our friends in Barbados the best, they are celebrating their independence day (44th) on November 30th. I am looking forward to Christmas just around the bend, I wonder when Joey is going to make me wear that silly Santa hat he bought me last year?? That’s all for now, keep watching folks…..

Eat Turkey Not Parrot

November 24, 2010

Thursday, Nov. 25th is Thanksgiving in the United States. Tradition has it that you eat turkey, that is what the Pilgrims ate at the first dinner at PlymouthMass. I feel a little uneasy today, Cabin Boy Tommy has been looking at me with a strange smile all afternoon……

Back From Our Trip

November 23, 2010

Well, Joey and I made it back on the air today after a whirlwind tour of Curacao, Puerto Rico and Belize. We had a great time and want to thank all the nice people we had a chance to visit and meet on all three of our stops. There are some great shots of Joey and I in San Pedro Belize on Taco Girls Blog, you can view them at…..I think we will be home for awhile but I will continue to update you on our adventures so keep checking back here. I want to thank Jim and Crystal at Banana Beach Resort in San Pedro for putting us up while we were on the island, they have a beautiful resort down there and the staff is excellent!! Well I gotta go for now, my beak is getting tired from pressing these keys…it’s great to be back and Joey and I missed you all. Keep watching…..

Off to Curacao

November 10, 2010

Joey and I will be flying to Curacao for the annual Heineken Regatta November 12, 13, 14th, it will give us a chance to visit with good friends and experience the thrill of sailboat racing on a grand scale. There will be a number of events but I am personally looking forward to the Shaggy concert on Saturday. While we are on the island, Joey and I will be visiting the kids from the International School of Curacao, I really hope that Joey behaves himself!!! LOL I am not sure yet but we may be headed back to San Juan Puerto Rico next week, I will try to keep you posted. I will also try to keep you posted on our trip to Curacao. Keep posted!

Headed to Curacao

November 1, 2010

Joey and I are packing our bags for a trip to Curacao Nov. 10-14th. We will be covering the Heineken Regatta for the second year in a row. Last year was such a great event and we met so many wonderful people that we are really looking forward to our return. This will be our third trip to the island. We look forward to seeing a lot of old friends and meeting some new ones, if you see us please take time to say hello. I’ll keep you updated on the festivities.

Hurricane Tomas

November 1, 2010

It as a busy weekend tracking Hurricane Tomas that started as a Tropical Storm and then jumped into Hurricane status. One of the most frustrating things about forecasting weather is getting the updated info on the air as quickly as possible. Many people don’t realize that we also have to wait for info from reporting stations in the ocean and on land and often from aircraft that are sent into the storm itself to gather data. We realize that it may be a life and death situation, but we are limited by the technology. One good thing is that we usually can see a storm developing and let people know in advance that something is developing and to prepare for the worst.\, we also can develop computer models to get some idea where the storm is headed. But unless you have access to a computer or a television or radio you have no idea what is happening and this is often the case. Our hearts and prayers go out to the folks on St Lucia, St Vincent and Barbados who seemed to get the worst of Hurricane Tomas. We will continue to try and give you the best coverage and information that we can in the future.