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Update 9/29/08

September 29, 2008

Bob’s take on Rum…there are no bad rums; some are just better than others!

When I’m in the hot tub, I like it HOT! HOT! HOT!

Sometimes Joey ruffles my feathers but most times we get along

I once heard someone refer to Joey and I as Beauty and The Beast. I hate it when they refer to Joey as a beast!

I need a good 23 hours of sleep a dayt.  Yes, I often sleep through the show.  I’ve seen the tapes, I think Joey is asleep also most days!

You don’t have to call me Bob, you can call me Robert, you can call me Roberto – I probably won’t answer but you can still call me by those names.

People often ask me why I don’t talk on the show.  Simple.  I don’t have anything to say.

Thanksgiving is coming soon, I wonder why Joey and Captain Ron have been looking at me funny lately.

Wedding Contest Winners!

September 8, 2008

We have winners… !!!!   Two couples from Erie will be getting married in Barbados …. Check out this link to learn more.  Here are the winners:

LE SEAN & EDGAR won a complete wedding & honeymoon in Barbados … Ceremony at the Prestigious Crane Resort & Residences.

STACEY & CHAD won a complete wedding & honeymoon in Barbados … Ceremony at the Renowned Almond Beach Resorts.

Bob’s frightened by storms!

September 5, 2008

1.  With all the storms lately, I need to put rocks in my feathers to keep me grounded.

2.  Capt. Ron took me for a ride on his motorcycle, my feathers were blown all over the place, but I did get some good bugs in my beak!

3.  When we Travel to the Caribbean, Joey keeps me in the suitcase, one of these days we are going down there and I’m gonna keep Joey in the suit case!

4.  My favorite day is when Joey, Capt. Ron, and I are laying on the beach watching the sunset with one of those fancy umbrella drinks.

5.  I’ve heard some people say I’m stuffed.  I resent that!  I don’t eat that much!

6.  My favorite time in Trinidad was at Club 51 Degrees, I was dancing with all the beautiful women, I have no idea where Joey was.

7.  I just looked at the calendar, I see that Thanksgiving is right around the corner, boy am I glad that I was born a parrot!

8.  I took Capt. Ron’s Jeep for a spin the other night, he doesn’t mind as long as I replace the gas I use!